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What to keep in your guitar case

Here are the items I keep in each guitar case. These items are inexpensive and indispensable when needed.

  • Spare strings - you never know when one will break
  • Peg winder - handy for quick string changes
  • Spare battery (if you have a built-in preamp)
  • Battery tester (about $10 at Walmart) - I prefer an analog meter, and I replace the battery when the needle drops below the 50% green (good) mark. That way I replace the battery before it fails. Most digital testers will detect a bad battery ... after it fails.
  • Microfiber cloth - I wipe down my guitar every time I put it in the case
  • Picks - It's always nice to have a few spares. Lot's of guitarist come unprepared and borrow picks!
  • Business card - In case there is any question about who owns the guitar. It also helps if you get separated from your guitar.
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