Tips & Resources for Musicians

This page contains miscellaneous information and resources for other musicians.

  • Transposer - is a software program that works with Microsoft Word to transpose chord sheets.

  • Taylor Expression System Pre-Amp Fix - describes a fix I discovered to work around the low output level of Taylor Guitar's Expression System I.

  • Real Book with Real Names - is a collection of Band-in-a-Box tunes from the Real Book. This collection is available in other places on the Internet, but the file names are cryptic, 8-character names. I've renamed all of the files in this collection using the full name that appears in the Real Book.

  • Guitar Worksheets - is a collection of worksheets for guitar instruction and for recording new songs and arrangements.

  • Chord Sheet Templates - Microsoft Word templates for laying out chord charts without lyrics. Each template has 4 bars per line, 16 bars per section, and 4 sections. There are three templates. Once each for 2, 3, and 4 chords per bar.

  • Real Book Volume Index - covers all 5 Real Book volumes by Hal Leonard and tells you which book contains the song you want.

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